Lexington Playcare Center is a wonderful school in part because of our parents. We have an “open door” policy for all enrolled families! The teachers will keep you up-to-date on daily classroom happenings and will offer opportunities to be involved as your schedule allows.

Four parents are elected to serve on our Board of Directors and all parents are welcome to attend special board meetings set aside for parent input. There are also opportunities for you to join committees, such as Fundraising and Teacher Appreciation. Many long-term friendships are formed when parents connect at these events.

Parent teacher conferences are arranged twice a year and can be arranged at other times at your request.

Policies & Programs

We love LPC!!!! My younger son went there for three years (he was 2-5yo) and loved every minute of it. He still refers to it as ‘his school’ and asks to go back and play on the playground (which is awesome by the way). The teachers are warm, caring and fun and have no shortage of energy and creative ideas. They really treat your child like he is one of their own. I never worried for one minute about him while he was in their care.

Most importantly, the emphasis at LPC is on play and discovery. The kids go outside all the time, no matter the weather, and teachers organize a ton of projects from cooking to gardening to art. The teachers take the kids on a walk to the fire station, or the library in town. Believe me, if you don’t have kids in public schools yet, you will be shocked at how little time there is during the school day for physical activity and fun, creative activities. I am so glad my son was able to spend 3 yrs at LPC!!