Snow policy:

  • If Lexington Public Schools (LPS) close due to snow – LPC will close as well, but just for the first day of a storm. If they close for subsequent days, LPC will make it’s own decision. 
  • If LPS delays their opening, LPC will open at 9AM.
  • If LPS closes early, LPC will make it’s own plan for the afternoon. 
  • In all cases you will receive an email about our plan (in the case of morning storms – usually around 7AM), and the outgoing message on our voice mail will be changed to announce the plan. 

Both of our kids went to LPC, so we got to spend many wonderful years observing what a great place this is. Every morning was a happy morning entering the school, and each day was filled with play and learning. LPC teachers are so dedicated to children, and focus on teaching important skills that help make for a better start at Kindergarten. There was also an extensive focus on social skills and problem solving in social situations. We have so many fond memories of this place, given that we started in the toddler room and stayed until it was time to start Kindergarten. In fact both of my kids still wish they could go back to LPC 🙂